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I am 38, single, and an instructor of English language and professional reading and writing skills in corporate/employer sponsored contexts/programs. I do other types of writing on a freelance basis. In fact, if you need someone to write or edit for your blog, website, or social networking site, ask me. I do free work for good causes as well. What I am mainly doing on here now is contributing to the St. Louis Book Club discussion blog at https://stlbookclub.wordpress.com. If you feel like getting in touch with me for any reason at all, please feel free to do so, spammers excluded, of course. Just leave a note on my neglected blog or try me on Yahoo IM. Or if you're a bookclub member, you know all about the main website and can just link to me through there. Enjoy this rich and magical day of your life; there are only so many of them. I sincerely wish a long and happy life to all who have stopped to read my profile; no matter who others may think you are, I think you're just another vulnerable little human being feeling your way through the rough passages of this sprawling and lonely old human world. Best wishes on your difficult journey. "We have nothing, each of us./ We must give it to each other."

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